Saimaa Miller’s 3-Day Retreat


Get ready for total transformation!


3-Day Transformational Retreat are held every month beginning in March 2017. These retreats only serve four guests per time, allowing for personalised attention and support. They fall around the monthly full moon too, to enhance all aspects of letting go and invoke deep healing.

  • 3 nights luxurious accommodation in your own private room at Kookie Hill Retreat.
  • Welcome Pack (which includes all the extras you need while you cleanse).
  • All food and drink to suit your health requirements.
         Options: Juice + Soup or Juice + Raw Food.
  • Optional activities include:
         Daily Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga.
         Beach and bush walks & Ocean swimming.
         Guided Meditation.
         Daily transformational talks/lectures led by Saimaa.
         Detoxification therapies including massage and spa are available
    at request.

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